SamWash self-service car wash at T0212, Luka Meleshkivska

By choosing our car wash, you get many advantages. First of all, you save time and effort, as you can wash the car yourself, without queues and delays. In addition, our modern sinks are equipped with advanced equipment that ensures high-quality and efficient washing, saving water and energy.


st. T0212, city Luka Meleshkivska, Vinnytska ob.

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Car wash services

Nano foam
Colored foam
Basic washing with gel
Payment by Paypass bank card
Payment in cash
Payment with UAH 10 coins or tokens

Self-service car wash for 5 stations for large vehicles up to 10 tons. And one duster with tire / plastic blackening and air blowing will provide comfort to the car interior. For the best wash, we recommend applying active foam to the vehicle. After that, pick up another gun and use the basic washing program with an active gel. After finishing the main wash, select the rinse program with softened water, rinse and apply nano wax to protect your paintwork. Finally, we select the rinse program with osmotic water and give the car a shine.

* it is not necessary to wipe the car dry after osmotic water!

Thank you and see you soon.

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