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Covers for boxes of self-service car washes from SamWash

The frames of the SamWash company are made by the method of hot galvanizing, the partitions between the posts can be made of tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm and printed on it, as well as with banners with the customer's design (with special fastening) or with screens for dynamic advertising.

1Smart~6 200 € for 1 post

This construction design is the most budget-friendly from our line. Despite this, it retains all our high-tech solutions, namely - the frame is made by the method of hot galvanizing, a high-quality banner with the printing of your advertisement is installed between the posts and varnished with special protection against UV rays and chemical materials, the attic is made of composite material with a thickness of 4 mm from the company Alubond with lighting, the roof is made of profiled galvanized sheet 250 g per m².

In the construction of the covering, the drainage of rainwater in an anti-vandal design is designed.