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Self-service payment terminal with a SamWash sensor

For just €6,700, we will supply you with a self-service terminal at your car wash. This terminal has the ability to pay for the post office and vacuum cleaner, issue the balance, and top up loyalty cards. All transactions are sent to the tax system, using the system of registration of settlement operations (PRO) and you can additionally view them in the application and on the website after registering as a customer or as a business owner.

The payment terminal has a large, convenient and multifunctional touch display, which has the following functions:

  • + Replenishment of the loyalty card
  • + Payment for the work of the washing post
  • + Payment by bank card (PayPass)
  • + Payment in cash
  • + Issue of SamWash tokens or coins with a denomination of 10 or 20 hryvnias
  • + The PRO system with the check output on the screen with a QR code and the possibility of sending it to e-mail

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Recommendations when buying a payment terminal:

  • Components and software with which banks of Ukraine can interact
  • An industrial computer that is easy to upgrade and add new features
  • Possibility of remote access and control
  • System of registration of settlement transactions (RPO)

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